Go woke? Go broke.

Black Lives Matter is a double edged sword, really. Oh no, they are so oppressed that the evil white man allowed them to buy their three lovely sedans.

Go woke? Go broke.

It's just been June. The month of woke-weakness, the month of celebrating something that isn't quite right to be pushed down the throats of many. The month of people that believe we should mandate and legislate the way to acceptance.

You may find around various residential buildings, the odd rainbow or two. You may find the odd fist in the name of good 'ole communism.

On social media, the same is true only to a vehemently horrendous level.

Black Lives Matter is a double edged sword, really. You would think that the oppressed people, who live in horrific constant fear of the racist white Gestapo; would be running away, making a getaway, on foot, but oh no, they are so oppressed that the evil white man allowed them to buy their three lovely sedans.

3 photos of Neiman Marcus being robbed
This image has been taken from a video screenshot at summit.news. Credit: Paul Joesph Watson

Of course, I should be apologising. After all, these people are purely trying to look after their families with the likes of food and nourishment. Derek Chauvin could show up at any moment! Unfortunately it's not as clear cut; Black Lives Matter are always so-called campaigning which essentially is a synonym for rioting & looting. You must conform or you are as bad as the evil white man, upholding the patriarchy.

Though after all, that is what Neiman Marcus did, they went woke; and look what happened to their food produce, despite their efforts to recline to the whim of BLM, following the looting of their store last year, in honour of major dangerous criminal George Floyd, yet they still spread their message of love, they still support the enemy, hiding behind the façade of "fighting racism and injustice with love and kindness" said Amber Seikaly, VP of Comms, I do think she rather meant "spreading their lack of a backbone, allowing illegal activity, as we are scared of being cancelled for being racist".  

This is not the first time Black Lives Matter has moved in on one of their own, within Minnesota in April, Footlocker was looted due to the killing of Wright. They had donated $200 million.

17 other shops have notably closed their doors over the fearless robbers and criminals, over the past half-decade.

What's the moral of the story here? How will we solve this? Compliance, political correctness, left wing ideology? I am not sure, but this just goes to show; Go Woke, you can go broke!

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