Rainbow overdrafts

Do big banks really care, or is it another woke virtue signal ready to be terminated the minute July arrives?

Rainbow overdrafts

It's that time of year again. You wake up, open Twitter for the latest scoop and you see it; almost every other major bank have changed their profile picture to the pride-flag alteration of their logo in order to show support and solidarity for the LGBT community. Do big banks really care, or is it another woke virtue signalling campaign ready to be terminated the minute July arrives?

To begin, let's examine the banks supporting pride month.

HSBC - they offer financial solutions all around the globe! Within their United Kingdom branches, on their Twitter feeds. There is often the following displayed, via Twitter ads.

This is nonsense, first of all, they immediately jump to LGBTQ+ homelessness, what about all the veterans living on our streets? Or addicts homeless to begin with?

I also dislike how they are very certain they are supporting Stonewall as a result of the 24% of young people being homeless "identify" as LGBTQ+.

This is plain political correctness and trying to pander to a woke mob. They don't truly care about the issue of homelessness but simply use it as an objective to help LGBT customers, throughout Pride Month.

Some people as you can see above jumped to the rescue.

On the Barclays side of things, or should I say Wokelays, they are trying to avoid the use of microaggressions to begin with:

Others may bring to the table that in fact, they are just trying to "raise awareness" and "be supportive". At the end of the day, they are here to loan us money, entice us to get overdrafts & other credit burdens, and profit. Don't politize that.

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