Who we are

This page hasn't been updated in over 25 days, we recommend you take a look at our "Welcome to Access-Right.com" article, viewable here to see what it is we offer.

Unlike mainstream media and Twitter, pages on Access Right don't get wiped or deleted at the behest of Cancel Culture. If you have a genuine DMCA complaint, see this link. If you are a butthurt remainer, two words for you, fuck off.

We are two British teenagers to begin, with a high interest in genuinely fair political discussion. We have seen that too many sites bow down to the left, or right for that matter when it comes to cancel culture. We don't care who you are; we may not agree, but we will defend your right to say what you think until pigs begin to fly (by which point, bacon has already gone up in price).

Say what you will about Conservative thinkers... they are pushed to the side, and we aim to provide our views in a fashion allowing us to speak freely & well.